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Unwanted sounds appreciation method

Atualizado: 9 de fev. de 2022

“an unimpressive and exhausting collection of useless procedures for performing precocious obsolete paraphernalia, spontaneous disintegrative broadcasting, and an ostensive diary of an obsessive accumulator of noise and another acoustic annoying phenomenon”.

sonic collages of random wave radio interferences, air traffic frequencies, and another ready-mades sounds were reprocessed through max/msp and piano midi.

This work is an on-going open process, never finished and always reprocessed live system. Several multimedia art expressions are being used as raw material such as texts (in portuguese and english), video, programming and transformed in multiple processes. For this Audioblast exhibition, the videos are only used for a better understanding of the whole process but useless for the actual presentation since it will only broadcasted via audio. (duration - about 60 minutes)

Andre Perim is a Multimidia Artist and have taken part in Audioblast 8 -Global e-missions with the work "Xamã" dedicated to

the indigenous tribes in the Brazilian rainforest- broadcasted again at the COP 26- Climate Change Conference in Glasgow 2001

throught the AIR (As if Radio...)

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