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Atualizado: 26 de jun. de 2021

Amanhã 15 de maio, meu trabalho multimídia "Broken Rainbow" vai ser apresentado na mostra FU:BAR dedicada á arte Glitch . O evento acontecerá dentro do Festival FUSE (Film under severe experiment))na cidade de Karlovac, na Croácia. Quem quiser acompanhar a mostra, debates e workshops segue o endereço on line

Tomorrow, May 15th, my multimedia work "Broken Rainbow" will be presented at the FU: BAR show dedicated to Glitch art. The event will take place within the FUSE Festival (Film under severe experiment)) in the city of Karlovac, Croatia. Anyone who wants to follow the exhibition, debates and workshops follows the online address

Festival event:
Festival IG:

The video content was part of the /'fu: bar/ 2020 program! /’fu:bar/ is organized by the AKC Attack association in collaboration with the Format C Artist Organization. It’s supported by contributions of a number of volunteers, collaborators and participating artists, the Glitch Artists Collective, and the free weekly newsletter Glitchet. The 2020 festival program is financially supported by the “Kultura Nova” Foundation, the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Zagreb and our many glitch art supporters. The festival exhibition is powered by the SKART Gallery, KAMATRIX Association and the FUSE festival, as well as our partners CIM and the currently ongoing Vectorhack festival. ^.^ "What we have chosen to show as part of this year’s screening is part of our #fubar_expo video art selection, which is also being shown as part of the URL/IRL gallery exhibition. As glitch art is predominantly that of an experimental genre, and most often entails various technical*aesthetical processes to challenge both its semantic and materialist paradigm –we believe the work we have chosen for this screening can incite new types of curiosity towards the vast electronic experiment in short forms of contemporary video art." - Format C

ARTISTS & WORK: James Cleeland [DE] : Electronic Gucci for Video Clothes [2019, 09’39] JB Friquet [BE] : Territoires Hallucinés [2020, 04’59] Andre Perim [BR] : Broken rainbow [2020, 05’46] Avita Maheen [NL] : Ontological Expressions [2020, 06’25] Richard [US] : ontopolologies #2 [2020, 13’44] Rudolf Lingens, Danielle Galietti, Roberto Santiago, Sabato Visconti, King Green [US] : ASMR: Conscious Organ [2019, 23’15] Brumat Ana and BedouinDrone [NL/SY] : Mishimishan [2019, 10’40] cyberboy666 & Alec Budd [DE] : gezeiten [2020, 09’07]

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