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Tecnologias do Sensível

The video art exhibition “Technologies of the Sensitive: Techniques and Expressions” opens this Wednesday at Cine Farol Santander (Sete de Setembro, 1028). Uruguayan artist Fernando Velásquez, who lives in Brazil, is one of the highlights of the exhibition. In “Gorgón”, which is shown at the show along with works by nine other artists, Velásquez creates a video sculpture based on artificial intelligence algorithms, raising questions about technological and cultural colonialism. In addition to Velásquez, artists André Perim, Caique Ferreira, Caio Antônio, Edu Rabin and Renata de Lélis, Gabriel Koi, Mauro Bruschi, Pedro Cesar do Espírito Santo, Rodrigo Faustini and Modular Dreams are also part of the event.
The projections are shown from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 2 pm, until December 11th. The exhibitions of Projeto Extensões come to an end, with production by Genuínaobra and curated by Muriel Paraboni. For the curator, in this third show, the technological focus appears in the sense of portraying the way we are living, entangled by artificial intelligence, image and data processing and network communication. “Many artists do not accept being passive users of these new media, they investigate, question, experiment, often working within the limits of devices and languages. This cut accounts today for one of the most relevant trends in contemporary video art”, he reveals. Paraboni points out that digital devices, understood as supports and creation techniques, have naturally been targets of interest on the part of artists. Both in an exploratory, experimental, technical and critical way, the works in this program use technology as supports or means of aesthetic expression. “The third thematic crossing that concerns technology contrasts with the previous shows focused on cities and landscapes, all with works aimed at reflecting on the themes, they are experiments that question, inconclusively, about their impacts and potential on human sensitivity”.

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